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Things to do and see in Zwickau

Zwickau is a city in the German state of Saxony. It is one of 33 municipal center district Zwickau. It is the fourth-largest city of Saxony, after Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. With the surrounding towns, Zwickau is part of the region "Saxony triangle". The closest cities are Chemnitz. The city is situated at an altitude of 350 meters. Things to see here are:

1. Neue Welt

Neue Welt

The "New World" was inherent 1903 as a show lobby and dance floor. The structural planning is a mix of neo-florid and craftsmanship nouveau. The white exterior looks so nice, the inner part demonstrates the full quality toward the end of the debutante epoque. It is located in Laipziger Stra├če .

3. Horch-Museum: Villa Horch

Horch-Museum: Villa Horch

Villa Horch is part of Horch Museum and in the event that you need to see the inside of the estate, if you visit Villa, entry for museum is free. In ancient times industrial facility managers existed and Villa Horch was very popular. The manor has been restored and furnitured in the style of the last decade. It has old spirit style around it.

5. Kornmarkt and Schiffchen

Kornmarkt and Schiffchen

The house named Schiffchen is the most established and prettiest building in Kornmarkt square. It was based on a road corner with a pointed edge. It has true german spirit and a nice area to stroll around.

2. Craftsmanship Nouveau Quarter

Craftsmanship Nouveau Quarter

This is one of those modern urban areas Zwickau developed in last century. North of the downtown area was secured with townhouses and estates from eighty years ago. Since the reunification redesign has been finished. The greater part of these houses are in good shape. There are a few holes in the middle of because of World War II air attacks.

4. Car show

Car show

For more than 100 years, car history exist here. It started in 1904 when the designer August Horch opened his production line. Horch vehicles were effective and of high quality. In 1932 four car organizations united to Auto-Union and delivered under that brand name until World War II.

Zwickau is german oriented town with nice and friendly people. You will feel secure and safe here.

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