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What to do and see in York

York is a town in England with just over 140,000 citizens. It is rich with historical places, with a three million visit through out the whole year. Things to do in York are:

1. National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum

For an awesome fun and nice day for the entire family in York, visit the charming National Railway Museum. Enter the three century old world of captivating history in York's main National Museum. Investigate monster lobbies brimming with trains and line legends incorporating the magnificent Duchess of Hamilton, venture on to the modern, Japanese Bullet Train or wonder about the dazzling lavishness of the Royal Trains.

3. York City Walls

York City Walls

Over 2 miles long and with a history extending back about 2000 years, the dividers of York are around the finest protected notable landmarks anyplace on the planet. York is completely exceptional in Britain offering as it does illustrations of Roman, Dark Age, Viking, Medieval and later defences, and on such a monstrous scale. They are presently carried to existence with a self-guided sound tour on an individual media player taking you on the magical trip.

5. The Shambles

The Shambles

Shambles is a road in the downtown area of York with a long and fascinating past. Going Back to Medieval times it was at one time the road of the Butcher Shops. Today the Shambles is Europe's most visited places, with customers and business companies alltogether.

2. York Maze

York Maze

York Maze is an excellent opportunity for great adventure. The fascination is based around a goliath maze, a product of maize plants. York Maze is open throughout the school summer holidays, to give families a stunning day out. With over fifteen separate rides and attractions, the children will be kept occupied for the entire day! York maze is a great place for halloween occasions for families in the daytimes, and youngsters and grown-ups around evening time throughout the Halloween half term. They fulfill the year with a gigantic firecracker breathtaking set. Also, you can organize your wedding in our delightful horse shelter complex.

4. York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum will give you a chance to see how medieval people lived when going by this living-history exhibition hall, which emphasizes regular life throughout Victorian and Edwardian England.

York is exceptional town in United Kingdom, with great places to visit. You will be astonished by some middle-aged monuments. Go ahead and see it for yourself!

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