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5 things to do and see in Yeovil

Yeovil is a town in south Somerset, England with a populace of over 40,000. It is fairly close to other England cities. It has paleolithic remains, and it was on an old Roman street and was recorded in the Domesday Book. Things to do here are:

1. Jack the Treacle Eater

Jack the Treacle Eater

Jack the Treacle Eater is a statue well known across the world. It is located in Barwick area, just to the south of the town. Abbey Farm House was manufactured in fifteen century by John Stourton and it is a place worth to visit.

3. Newton Surmaville

Newton Surmaville

Newton Surmaville is a little house which is otherwise called Newton House. It was manufactured somewhere around 1610. It has been assigned by English Heritage as a Grade I recorded building.

5. Huish Park

Huish Park

Huish Park is a football stadium spotted in famous part of the town. The stadium has been home to Yeovil F.c. since its finishing in 1990. It has almost ten thousand seats with porches.It was build on the site of an old armed force camp.

2. The Museum

The Museum

The Museum is situated in the previous mentor house to Hendford family. There are showcases of history and geography especially for locales. Stone work, paintings on papers, glass production is just a small part of its displays. The villa itself was assembled in eighteen century. It is a Grade 2 building.

4. The Church of St John the Baptist

The Church of St John the Baptist

The Church of St John the Baptist was erected in the late fourteenth century and has been assigned as a Grade I recorded building. The tower is over ninety feet high. It is important part of Yeovil history and if you like religious building, this is great place to come over.

Yeovil is a town with funny name. It is great for touristic visit and it offers huge list of activities to see.

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