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What to see in Wrexham

Wrexham is a town in the north of Wales. It is the regulatory center of Wrexham County Borough. It is arranged between the Welsh mountains and the lower Dee Valley. It is the biggest town in the north of Wales, it is a real middle of the district's touristic center.

1. Wrexham Lager

Wrexham Lager

Wrexham Lager is a distillery in Wrexham with history older than 120 years. Another distillery opened in 2011 in the heart of Wrexham and it is loved by many tourist. The first brewery was devastated in 2002. Wrexham lager made a comeback in 2011. Beer is excellent and you must try it.

3. The Wales Comic Con

The Wales Comic Con

The Wales Comic Con is a fan tradition that is held in Wrexham, North Wales. It is controlled by Mercury Promotions. Fans are additionally known to go to the occasion dressed as comic heroes where they can join in a yearly rivalry. If you like comics, this is right place. The occasion itself contains different visitors from different sorts of medias and people in general.

2. The Wrexham Hospital

The Wrexham Hospital

The Wrexham Hospital is main healing center for the North Wales, and the biggest clinic in the UK housed in a town instead of a city.It is second biggest facility in Wales. It has a parking zone with unique structure of design.

4. The Glyndwr University Racecourse Stadium

The Glyndwr University Racecourse Stadium

The Glyndwr University Racecourse Stadium is a stadium and home of Wrexham Football Club. Club is part of the North Wales Crusaders Rugby League. Stadium has been known as the Glyndwr University Racecourse Stadium since 2011. The stadium is perceived as the world's most established global football stadium that still has worldwide matches by Guinness World Records. It is great part of Wrexham history in sport.

In the 2011, the Wrexham region had a populace of over sixty thousand people. It is wide urban area with nice things to see.

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