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Things to see in Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg is a city in the German state of Lower Saxony. It is known as the headquarters of automotive concern Volkswagen. The city is situated at an altitude of 63 meters. It is situated on the river Aler northeast of Braunschweig. The municipality is 200 square kilometers. In the city itself, according to estimates from 2012, lived 123,000 inhabitants. Things to see in Wolfsburg are:

1. The Autostadt

The Autostadt

The Autostadt is a guest area nearby the Volkswagen industrial facility with a prime concentrate on cars. It offers a gallery, characteristic structures for the chief vehicles marks in the Volkswagen Group, a client focus where clients can get new cars, and take a visit through the tremendous production line. It is additionally home to the biggest glass entryways on the planet. It is around 4 miles long. The thought for Autostadt begun in 1994 when the idea of recording the phases of generation of Volkswagen vehicles was born.

3. Fallersleben Castle

Fallersleben Castle

Fallersleben Castle is found in Wolfsburg in the German condition of Lower Saxony and, together with Neuhaus and Wolfsburg Castles, is a standout amongst the most essential notable structures in the town. It is in the locale of Fallersleben and structures a noteworthy setting alongside the manor lake, St. Michael's Church and the Old Brewery. The ch√Ęteau was fabricated from 1520 to 1551. By 1760 the mansion was encompassed by a channel, around 12 meters wide and 5 meters profound.

2. The Phano Science Center

The Phano Science Center

The Phano Science Center is an intelligent science area finished in 2005. Phano emerged from dynamic urban arranging by the City of Wolfsburg. In 1998 City authorities were creating a plot of empty, open land track station and simply south of VW's gigantic Autostadt. Preparatory arranging started in November 1998, and after one year Joe Ansel, an American advisor and architect, was approached to handle the shows and other operational parts of the project.

4. The Wolfsburg castle

The Wolfsburg castle

The Wolfsburg castle is a 1302 first documented medieval lowland and water castle, which later turned into a Renaissance castle. It is located in eastern Lower Saxony. The Wolfsburg evolved from a residential tower on the Aller to a moated castle with fortification character. In the 17th century it became a representative castle, which is the north-eastern representative of the Weser Renaissance.

Wolfsburg is truly historical centre of Germany and it has great value for all the tourists.

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