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What to see in Witten

Witten is a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is one of nine municipal districts of Ruhr. According to estimates from 2010, the city had a population 99.100 inhabitants. The city's location in the district Enepi-Ruhr. Witten is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the district Enepi-Ruhr. The city is situated at an altitude of 100 meters. The municipality is 72 square kilometers. Things to see here are:

1. The Helen Tower

The Helen Tower

The Helen Tower is a 30 meter high observation tower in Witten, built in 1858 as a private memorial of the Judicial Council Eduard Strohn honor of his wife Helene Strohn born Lohmann. She died after a fight between the family and the Prussian state. The construction of the tower was financed with the awarded compensation in this process. Since 1909, the tower is owned by the City. The tower stands in Witten-center in the city part of the district of Upper Village Helen Berg. From the tower, on the Helen Berg, one of the last foothills of the Ardeygebirges, you have a view over large parts of the urban area, and in good weather conditions, right down to Bochum and Dortmund.

3. The Villa Friedrich Lohmann

The Villa Friedrich Lohmann

The Villa Friedrich Lohmann is a senior villa on the road in Witten Ruhr. In the park of the land is Lohmann House which was destroyed in World War II. It is only partially restored building. First, it was owned by Carl Lohmann's after whose death the property of his nephew Friedrich Lohmann and later owned by the City of Witten. The villa was used by the registrar's office and the community college Witten, Witten until the city sold it in 2011. The villa is located in the town park.

5. The war memorial

The war memorial

The war memorial in Germania Witten was unveiled on September 20, 1877. Particularly, founded 1854 Guard Warrior club, the 1858 united with the Witten Landwehr and Warriors Club has campaigned for the erection of the monument. In 1877, it was laid on the king place the foundation. The monument was designed by the architect Heinrich born in Witten Klutmann.

2. The Witten Days for New Chamber Music

The Witten Days for New Chamber Music

The Witten Days for New Chamber Music is a music festival for contemporary chamber music, organised by the town of Witten in the Ruhr Area and the broadcasting station West German Radio. The concerts take place over a weekend at the end of April or in early May, and concentrate on world premieres of small musical works. They are broadcast worldwide via the European Broadcasting Union. Composer Robert Ruth Franz founded the Witten Music Festival in 1936. After World War II the festival which held at irregular Intervals it became annual event.

4. The Jewish cemetery Ledderken

The Jewish cemetery Ledderken

The Jewish cemetery Ledderken is closed cemetery of the former Jewish community where there are still about 130 grave stones. The cemetery is owned by the National Federation of the Jewish Communities of Westphalia-Lippe. It is entered in the list as a historic urban monument. The cemetery is located in Witten-center and adjacent to the sister of the Protestant cemetery hospital and the sister park.

Witten is nice and friendly town with many things to see and do. You are welcome to visit it at any time.

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