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What to do and see in Wilhelmshaven

Wilhelmshaven is a city in northwestern Germany. It is found on the northwest bank of the Jade Bay, a vast cove on the North Sea. With 75,728 tenants, it is the third-biggest focus city and one of the top focuses in the state of Lower Saxony. Since 2006, Wilhelmshaven is area of the metropolitan part of Bremen and Oldenburg, one of eleven European metropolitan areas in Germany. Things to see in Wilhelmshaven are:

1. Wilhelmshaven Aquarium

Wilhelmshaven Aquarium

The Aquarium in Wilhelmshaven is home to numerous amphibian creatures, for example, penguins, seals, sharks, other fish, crabs and insects among others. It is found on the end of the promenade close to the shoreline and is worth a look.

3. Oceanis


Oceanis is an exhibition hall with innovative display. The saying of the gallery is "100m beneath ocean level". It's a calm extravagant gallery, yet its value to visit it. Together with a 3d-4d silver screen and a 5d test system, the Nordsee-Welten in Wilhelmshaven is additionally home to the Exhibition-Oceanis Discovery Park. You can swoop into the virtual universe of the sea – without actually getting your feet wet. The passage will bring you to the submerged station, where showcase pieces and intelligent media will illuminate you about all divisions of the sea.

5. Rosarium Wilhelmshaven

Rosarium Wilhelmshaven

Wilhelmshaven Rosarium is the stand out in the northwest of Germany, It is the extravagant option to oceanic issues in the Jadestadt. Custom subject enclosures with intriguing plants and more than 5,000 roses of in excess of 500 assortments supplement one another to structure a solitary desert spring.

2. The German Marine Museum

The German Marine Museum

The German Marine Museum gathers and shows the historical backdrop of all German war fleets and investigates their recorded connection. A real center of the accumulation is on the historical backdrop of the Federal Marine/ German Navy. The German Marine Museum is a part of the Museum Association of Lower Saxony and Bremen and Military Historical Association in the exhibition halls and accumulations.

4. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden of the city was established in 1947 by George Harms, primary of New Grodener basic school, he rose up out of the school arrangement of the previous rudimentary school RĂ¼stersiel. Its beginnings go once more to 1912. With its 8,500 square meters it is the most diminutive of Germany.

Wilhelmshaven is not just a financial and social habitat for the entire district, its occupants likewise appreciate a high caliber of life and great living measures.

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