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5 things to do in Whangamata

Whangmata means obsidian washed on the beach. The name is from Maori time, but today is pronounced in a different way. It is placed on the southeast coast, north of the Bay of Plenty.

1. Car Parade, Whangamata

Car Parade, Whangamata

If you are in Whangmata in the right time, you can see the parade of amazing cars. That lasts for 5 days , and you will see a lot of hot rods gather to celebrate. These days, you can't find accommodation at all in Whangmata. Cars are featured around the 50s and Rock and Roll is in the back, it gives a lot of fun. You can only look at them or walk with it while parading! But if you prefer history and art, visit the local Maori museum which provides absolute fun for family and it gives information about heritage with lots of shows, parades, fun educational games.

3. Surf Beach, Whangamata

Surf Beach, Whangamata

Whangmata is a famous surf place, but thanks to a big blue sea, there are a lot of fishing trips. Charter boats can get you to the remote spots. It is a less expensive charter which gives you the opportunity to catch yellowtail Kingfish or a decent snapper. If you prefer inshore saltwater fishing, the Whangmata is the perfect place. All types of anglers enjoy in fishing in coastal waters that surrounds Whangmata. You will have an epic experience in a spectacular setting .With guide specialized for Kingfish, popping , top water Kingfish, live baiting and soft bating. Lear what is and how to jig Kingfish, and if you are lucky you will be bagging a big, nice hapuka!

5. Rustic Lodge, Whangamata

Rustic Lodge, Whangamata

For the end, if you are an outdoor individual you can hire a lot of things and organize your own trip. Hire a kayak, push bikes, motor scooters or just take a DVD and relax in the rustic lodge.

2. Valley Bushwalk, Whangamata

Valley Bushwalk, Whangamata

For nature lovers, there is a famous Valley bushwalk .Start with your trip early in the morning or afternoon, if you love to sleep. It takes about 90 minutes , so it is short, easy and not too strenuous. Don't forget to get comfort snickers because in the trip you will be crossing a few rivers. You will have the chance to see the waterfall, nice bushes and beautiful river, but be sure that you have taken a camera to capture perfect moments.

4. Paddle Boards, Whangamata

Paddle Boards, Whangamata

Interesting outdoor activity stands up paddle boarding. It is one of the world’s fastest growing sport communities. Everyone can do it , regardless the age or experience. It is a huge fan, and new way to experience the nature while doing a full workout. Paddle design helps you with balancing , strength and co-ordination. Whether you are surfing on the waves or gliding along with your paddle, it is a way to have fun while working out. You can hire a guide or just take the equipment and try on your own.

Whangmata has two big ocean beaches, which are always crowded with surfers and swimmers. It is extremely well organized and safe, your job is only to enjoy. Our examples how making your day better in Whangamata is top choice.

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