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Things to see in Weiden

Weiden is a city in the German state of Bavaria. The city is situated at an altitude of almost four hundred meters in area of almost exactly seventy square kilometers. It has more than forty thousand citizens.

1. Marketplace


The marketplace extends between the Upper and the Lower Gate. Old Town Hall is between. It has houses from the period of sixteen century. Houses are build in renaissance style and it is definitely something you don't want to miss.

3. The Upper Gate

The Upper Gate

Upper gate is located through the newly designed anchor complex. It is gate to old town and it was build with two round towers. Roof was demolished over one hundred years ago. Count Palatine Friedrich inhabited the fortress house in sixteen century. It is symbol of transition between old and new town. It makes perfect thing to see and it was rememberable. You will remember it, that is for sure.

5. Old School house

Old School house

Old school house is a place where town museum is settled, with municipal archives and art gallery can be seen. The building was built in sixteen century but fire destroyed it to the ground. When it was restored, two schools were housed there. It was also decorated almost forty years ago. Many tourists choose this Old school house as their first attraction to visit.

2. Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall was built by the architect Hans Nopl. He was famous as one of the most talented architects not only in this part of Germany, but in whole Europe. It was rebuilt during First world war. The carillon was donated thirty years ago. Town Hall stores are located here. Old Town Hall was formerly center of social life with many events and even a theater. City Council use this hall for their meetings. If you want, it is open for wedding occasions too.

4. Church of St. Michael

Church of St. Michael

Church of Saint Michael is Protestant church built in baroque style. Gothic building was placed there, but it was destroyed in great fire. Its boundaries are located on previous cemetery. It has tower from eighteen century and stature of Archangel Michael. Grave stones commemorate important dates. Johann Karl was involved in inner decoration. Churches in Germany are generally very solid architectural buildings with strong design and amazing form.

Weiden is a city with friendly people and nice things to see. You will feel like you never left your home.

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