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What to do and see in Washington, District of Columbia

Being USA's capital, Washington offers a great variety of interesting sites. There are plenty of things to do in Washington. It is a very hard task to extract only few of them, but we did try.

1. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

The legendary building on the Capitol Hill - the home to US Congress, is probably one of the most recognizable buildings in the US. If you want to book a tour of this amazing building, you should do it months in advance because there are just too many people who want to visit it. If you don't get a chance to book your cards, you can still walk around Capitol Hill and see the building from the outside.

3. HR-57


This is not your typical fancy club for a night out in Washington. HR-57 is nevertheless a very special place. For the price of only 15$ you can enjoy some great jazz musicians, and bring in your own wine and food for extra 3$. How great is that, right? If you are planning romantic evening in Washington, let HR-57 be part of it and you won't go wrong.

5. Monuments by Moonlight Night Tour

Monuments by Moonlight Night Tour

Have you ever considered sightseeing in a different way than usual? If you have, Monuments by Moonlight is the experience you don't want to miss while in Washington. Guides are very knowledgeable and complaisant and you will learn a lot about the capital from them. Seeing monuments in the moonlight is both educational and romantic; so take your loved ones to share this experience with you.

2. Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

This is the monument Thomas Jefferson deserved. His tall bronze statue is situated in Greek temple like building with magnificent dome. This great American president led his country with dignity and got the well-earned respect for it. Visit the park and the Jefferson Memorial, and you will see all the greatness of this man.

4. 1789 Restaurant

1789 Restaurant

If you a looking for a restaurant with a breath of European elegance in Washington, 1789 is the great place to go. From the moment you enter you feel special; you will be warmly greeted and served with great attendance. Food is fabulous and the drinks they mix at the bar are really top notch.

We have chosen only a few out of many things to do in Washington. The rest of your D.C. adventures depend on you.

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