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What to see in Warkworth

Warkworth is a town in the Rodney Disctrict located in the upper side of North Island. Population is not high, but it is increasing during the last few years. Warkworth is famous for satellite communications located within this area. Also, one of the most attractive places in Warkworth is amazing Mahurangi River.

1. Tawharanui Regional Park, Warkworth

Tawharanui Regional Park, Warkworth

Tawharanui Regional Park is set on peninsula. It includes beautiful sand beaches, bays and forest, and also rolling pastures. This park is famous for newly open sanctuary and habitat for threathened animal species. If you decide to visit Tawharanui Park, be aware that dogs are not allowed to stay, no matter what the time is.

3. Sheepworld, Warkworth

Sheepworld, Warkworth

People in Europe, United States or any other part of the world don't have chance to see many domestic animals such as sheeps, cows or any similar sorts of animals. Sheepworld is a place where you can get a glance at exactly what New Zealand is all about. Sheep farm and sheep feeding is not a easy thing to do. Sheepworld is a fascinating way to find out more about sheep and wool preparation.

5. Reptile Park, Warkworth

Reptile Park, Warkworth

Reptiles are maybe the most notorious animals in the world. But, if you look closely, reptiles are very subtle and profound animals. They need care and emotions, just like anybody else. Reptile Park is a great place to find out something new about these, not so popular species. If you do that, and if you did not like reptiles so far, maybe you will change your mind. But one thing is for sure, you will never look at reptiles the way you did.

2. Goat Island Marine reserve, Warkworth

Goat Island Marine reserve, Warkworth

Goat Island Marine reserve is a protected area with extraordinary marine life. Finding Goat Island is not a hard task. It is located only 80 km from Auckland. In the summer it can be very vivid and crowded, but if you want to watch some amazing wildlife in peace and quiet, you can visit it by winter or late autumn. But, be prepared for cold days and even colder nights.

4. Ransom Winery, Warkworth

Ransom Winery, Warkworth

Are you a wine lover and expert, or do you just enjoy glass of wine after a delicious meal? Then go along for Ransom Winery, where you can try high quality wine products. If you don't like wine, you can try many non-alcoholic drinks made from grapes, both red or white.

Warkworth is great place for vacation. You will not regret if you decide to visit it. There are many things to do here.

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