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What to see in Wallsend

Wallsend is a town located in north east area in England. Its population is more than forty thousand people and it is close to Newcastle. It has rich history that dates back from Roman times.

1. Segedunum Roman Fort

Segedunum Roman Fort

Wallsend's significant vacation destination is Segedunum Roman Fort. This is near Metro Interchange, and around couple of minutes from town center. The historical center has so many things to explore. Roman fortress and Roman shower house is just a tip of an iceberg.

3. Wallsend Sports Center

Wallsend Sports Center

Wallsend Sports Center is placed around ten minutes from the town centre and it has Golf Course. It is near country park, placed behind the building on the Whitley Road,it has a Visitors Center where you can take pictures and enjoy with your family. This is a must see.

5. Co-op store

Co-op store

Wallsend has numerous food centres. The Co-Op store in the Forum shopping plaza has a bistro upstairs, which is by and large named very extravagant and unique. There is so many tasty food you can try if you are hungry. Foods can be prepared in just a couple of minutes.

2. Stephenson Railway Museum

Stephenson Railway Museum

Stephenson Railway Museum is spotted on Middle Engine Lane. This gallery is home to train displays from the beginning of the industry to electric trains. The historical center is arranged on a piece of the old Metro test track, and the gallery will regularly have trains running between the exhibition hall and metro station.

4. Wallsend town centre

Wallsend town centre

Wallsend town centre has a mall with many shops where you can buy all kinds of things. Meat can be bought here, or fish if you don't like meat. If you need new clothes, this is available too, you can choose from various of brends and clothing types.

Wallsend has many urban areas that is interesting for a visit from young people and businessmen from all across the globe. It has so much to offer, you will not be disappointed.

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