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Waimate North, 5 things to see

This small town is located in the west of the Islands Bay, right in the center of Omapere Lake and Kerikeri. It belongs to Far North district, and it is situated in Northland region. Find out top five places you must visit if you go to this misterios place:

1. St John the Baptist Church, Waimate North

St John the Baptist Church, Waimate North

Full of emotions and ancient spirit, this church will connect you with 19th century. If you only find yourself near this church, you will exactly know the feel, look and sense of this religious times. St. John the Baptist church is the third church in Waimate North. It is middle-sized, surrounded by some very old oaks, and beautiful grass.

3. Ohaeawai Hotel, Waimate North

Ohaeawai Hotel, Waimate North

For the exquisite food and wine specialties, visit Ohaeawai hotel. Location of this hotel is on the crossroad of two state highways. Although this hotel is for sale, you will not regret if you go there for a lunch or a early dinner.

5. Hokianga Harbour, Waimate North

Hokianga Harbour, Waimate North

Hokianga Harbour is a place located in the valley of Wairere. This harbour is domestic house for Wairere Boulders. Valley of Wairere is a part of North Island and it is classified as Nature Park. Do not miss your chance to visit this extraordinary tourist destination. You can visit this harbour all day every day, it is open only during daylight because of its dangerous cliffs and tracks. If you are a nature lover, and you want to feel free and liberated, visit Hokianga Harbour.

2. Te Waimate Mission, Waimate North

Te Waimate Mission, Waimate North

Te Waimate Mission is a house build in the middle of the 1800th. It is almost oldest house not only in Waimate North, but in New Zealand in general. Mission houses were build as a gifr from Samuel Marsden, Reverand who has good reputation amongst the citizens. Pastoral atmosphere is all around this amazing house. If you want to see the house where many famous scientists slept and dine, you must definitely visit Te Waimate Mission house.

4. Te Rimu Everlasting Flowers, Waimate North

Te Rimu Everlasting Flowers, Waimate North

Te Rimu Everlasting Flowers is a Garden place where you can see and buy all kinds of flowers, trees and leaf like plants. For any information and question you have, kind and friendly owner of this garden will be glad to answer and help.

Waimate North, place with strange name and beautiful location, will touch your heart and wake up your emotions.

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