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What to see and do in Virray del Pino

Virray del Pino is a city of La Matanza, and it is the largest city in this part of country. It has good connection with other parts of Argentina, and many tourists come here every year. Things to do here are listed:

1. Bistro Tokyo

Bistro Tokyo

This is amazing go-to sushi place in Virray del Pino. A basic setting and great atmosphere feels great with great sushi. There are excellent Japanese cooks at the restaurant, and this is main reason to visit it. In a nation not known for their fish, where chicken is considered every day meal, discovering a sushi restaurant could be a challenge. This spot is amazing because of its different menu and excellent taste. Their menu is full of salmon and vegetable based rolls. Price is affordable.

3. Municipal Historical Museum

Municipal Historical Museum

It is located in the center of the "Estancia El Pino or San Martín", and it is devoted to Juan Manuel de Rosas, in honor of the Libertador José de San Martín. Since 1942 is a National Historic Landmark. It was built at the end of eighteenth century, as part of the royalty buildings. In the first half of the nineteenth century, it became one of the establishments that started the economic activity of the area. It was acquired in 1820 by Juan Manuel de Rosas and Luis Terrero.

2. Belgrano Athletic Club

Belgrano Athletic Club

Established in 1896, the Belgrano Athletic Club is the main cricket club in the core of Virray del Pino. In spite of the fact that it is encompassed by Argentinian structures, the clubhouse itself couldn't be any more English. It is constantly open for visits, and you are into sports, this is perfect opportunity to take adventage of one amazing club.

4. Library


If you love to read good book, you can visit Virray del Pino library and read all you want about this part of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Library is huge and don't miss it by any chance.

Virray del Pino is small town and the list of things to do is not that big, but those places are very friendly and worth to visit.

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