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5 things to do and see in Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde is one of the most seasoned settlements in northern Portugal. Geographical curios dating to the Paleolithic have been ran across in locales in the wards of Modivas, Malta, and Labruge dating from 100,000 years b.c.

1. Museu do Mar/Maritime Museum

Museu do Mar/Maritime Museum

This storehouse is arranged in the building of previous Royal Customs. It is devoted to the mariners and shipbuilders from the fifteenth century. Vila do Conde was at the main route of trade and exchange and King Joao II by the letter dated 27th February 1487 built the Royal Customs there. You can visit Portuguese boat and ship "Quenhintista". Several such ships were assembled here throughout the guideline of King Manuel.

3. Nossa Senhora do Socorro Chapel

Nossa Senhora do Socorro Chapel

This is the Roman Cotholic Nossa Senhora do Socorro Chapel and it displays a particular structural planning, with a square arrange. Inside, you can discover the life of Christ and lavish style artworks. It was manufactured by Gaspar Manuel, a knight of the Order of Christ who made a trip much to India, China and Japan.

5. Igreja Matriz

Igreja Matriz

Development of Igreja Matriz began yet in 1496 yet just the section of King Manuel through Vila do Conde throughout his journey to Santiago de Compostela in 1502. Ruler Manuel developed the church in normal late Gothic style. Manueline entryway as manufactured by the Joao de Castilho. Ringer tower was assembled a large portion of century later in 1573 by Joao Lopes, the senior. Church is the National landmark since 1910.

2. Water system of Vila do Conde

Water system of Vila do Conde

Water system is initially shaped by 999 curves, with about 4 km. This is almost longest water channel in Portugal. The fake waterway was assembled somewhere around 1705 and 1714 from the Santa Clara Convent to the east.

4. Fort de Sao Joao Baptista

Fort de Sao Joao Baptista

The Fort of Saint John the Baptist is arranged outside the heart of town, in the seashore. It was developed by the mid of XVII-th century and it has polygonal arrangement with 5 bastions at its corners ensured by watchtowers. The structure was proclaimed Property of Public Interest in 1963. This is the extremely sentimental place to visit.

Vila do Conde is a district in the Norte Region of Portugal with a populace of 79,390 occupants (2011) in a range of 149.03 square kilometers. The urbanized region of Vila do Conde, which incorporates the wards of Vila do Conde, Azurara and Árvore, speak to 32,094 occupants. Vila do Conde is interlinked to the north with the Póvoa de Varzim.

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