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Things to do in Viersen

Viersen is the capital of the locale of Viersen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Viersen is arranged north-west of Mönchengladbach and 20 km east of Venlo. Things to see and visit are:

1. The Dülkener Schöppenmarkt

The Dülkener Schöppenmarkt

The Dülkener Schöppenmarkt is one of the biggest and most seasoned nation fairs in Western Germany. The Schöppenmarkt happens on a Wednesday after jubilee from 8.00 in the morning until 8.00 at night in the middle of the Dülken. It has around 100.000 to 120.000 guests from Lower Rhine area. Retailers originate from the entire of Germany, and some even from Belgium and Holland, and offer a wide assortment of products - kitchen devices, flavors, windscreen wipers, ceramics, and food.

3. Süchteln


Süchteln is the chapel and it was founded in 1664 in honor of the holy Irmgardis. Holy Irmgardis is one of the three Viersener saints, and hospital and the Süchtelner was named after him. The Süchtelner heights offer many possibilities to practice sports or to spend comfortable time. There are a very large beer garden, skate park, a BMX-cross track, a mini golf course and a climbing forest. The Süchtelner heights are also suitable for mountain biking and hiking.

2. Hoser


Hoser is a district of North Rhine-Westphalian district of Viersen. Within the Viersener urban area, the town Hoser is located in the west of the district Alt-Viersen. Earlier names for this area were Holthusen or Hooser.

4. The Niers

The Niers

The Niers is a river in the Lower Rhine area, which runs parallel to the Meuse and the Rhine on the east side of the German-Dutch border. In Goch it turns west to terminate at Gennep in the Maas. The length of the Niers is 90 miles. The headwaters of the Niers is Kuckum, the eastern area of ??the city Erkelenz. The Niers had formerly several sources, the main sources were at Zourshof in Kuckum and the "klocken jump" in Keyenberg. The Niers also receives water from several small streams, such as the direction of Köhm Borschemich, which opens in Keyenberg in the Niers.

Viersen is small town with so much fun attractions to see. Do not miss it by any chance.

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