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What to do in Velbert

Velbert is an enormous town in the area of Mettmann, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The city is eminent worldwide for the creation of locks. Velbert is spotted on the slopes of Niederberg, almost twenty kilometers north-east of the state capital Düsseldorf. Things to do in Velbert are:

1. Hardenberg Castle

Hardenberg Castle

Hardenberg Castle is a rococo mansion in the city of Neviges Velbert. It was established by the Lords of Hardenberg and was revamped in the late seventeenth century. Castle can be utilized for social purposes. It is six hundred meters to the southwest of urban area.

3. Das Forum Niederberg

Das Forum Niederberg

Das Forum Niederberg is in the heart of Velbert and it is a home to many occasions of numerous types. The reasonable building design, brilliant halls and wide spaces are made for social occasions. If you want to organize birthday, meeting or celebration, you can do it here with style. Their stuff will help you if you don't know where to start.

5. Waldkletterpark


Waldkletterpark is a park for climbing and it has delightful climbing spots. Just around 15 minutes drive from Essen Wuppertal, these common climbing park is encompassed by a lovely woods track to the mountain station of the city Velbert-Langenberg and gives one of a kind climbing experience.

2. Wallfahrtsdom


On the edge of the old town of Neviges lies Wallfahrtsdom. Toward the end of sixty years this church was the biggest in the Alps before Cologne Cathedral was constructed. The manufacturer of this dom is Professor Gottfried Böhm. There are over two hundred thousands visitors here every year.

4. Deutsches Schloss- und Beschlägemuseum

Deutsches Schloss- und Beschlägemuseum

This Museum is the main display center for locks and security software. The historical era goes four thousand years back. Children and grown-ups can attempt to unlock locking components themselves. Mechanical parts are astonishing and you will be thrilled with this new age technology.

Velbert is placed on area of Bergisch Land, known as Heart of Niederbergisches nation. It is spotted over two hundred meters over the ocean.

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