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Things to do and see in Valongo

Valongo is a Portuguese district spotted in the District of Porto. Its populace is 18,698, and the district is made out of five areas. The two most crowded urban communities in the Valongo region are Ermesinde and Alfena which has the most business in the region. Things to do in Valongo are:

1. Museum da Lousa em Valongo

Museum da Lousa em Valongo

The Museum is made of three medium-sized houses in the same way as the surrounding area. The main house is home of nighttime rest and a workshop where ladies and kids can have some fun. Museum is full of work of laborers who worked in this movement. Imperative is the situated of machines utilized for running sheets. You can also visit a display of works made people of Valongo.

3. valongo Main Church

valongo Main Church

Built in mid-nineteenth century, the congregation has a high sacrificial stone with three boards of pictures of the Assumption of the Virgin, St. John and St. Anthony. The arch of the congregation is tube shaped, has four curves of stone and is painted in shades of gold.

2. Museum Municipal e Arquivo Histórico

Museum Municipal e Arquivo Histórico

Housed in a building built initially of the 19. century, in 1836, with the ascent of Valongo the province, it was introduced the seat of the Chamber, and moved to its flow premises in 1989. Because of its recorded and engineering value, this museum is conceived. The Museum sorts out guided tours and topical workshops, which are offered through past.

Valongo is extremely interesting place in Porto District, Portugal. The delightful city is exceptionally well known among the traveler going to the nation and is thought to be the most alluring objective in whole Europe.

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