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What to see in Ulm

Ulm is a city in the area of Baden-Württemberg, arranged on the River Danube. The city, whose populace is evaluated at 120,000 has urban area of its own and is the authoritative seat of the Alb-Donau area. Ulm is rich in history as a previous free imperial city. Today, it is a financial focus because of its changed commercial ventures, and it is the seat of the University of Ulm. Things to visit in Ulm are:

1. The Ulm University

The Ulm University

The Ulm University is a state funded college. The college was established in 1967 and concentrates on common sciences, building sciences, math, and software engineering. With over nine thousands understudies, it is one of the freshest state funded colleges in Germany. It is best college in Germany and one of the top schools in common sciences in local rankings. In 2007, University of Ulm was increased for International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine. In 2012, University of Ulm has been chosen for 27th position by Academic Ranking of World Universities.

3. Ulm Minster

Ulm Minster

Ulm Minster is a Lutheran church and previous Roman Catholic church spotted in Ulm, Germany. In spite of the fact that it is known as Ulm Cathedral due to its incredible size, the congregation is not a house of God as it has never been the seat of a diocesan. Ulm Minster started in the Gothic period and was not finished until the late nineteenth century. It is the tallest church in the world, and the fourth tallest structure constructed before the twentieth century. The last stairwell to the top is a tall, spiral staircase.

5. The Donaustadion

The Donaustadion

The Donaustadion is a stadium utilized basically for football matches and is the home stadium of SSV Ulm 1846. The stadium has the capacity of almost 20,000 seats. If you are soccer fan, don't miss this place.

2. Ratiopharm Ulm

Ratiopharm Ulm

Ratiopharm Ulm is an basketball club that is placed in Ulm, Germany. The club has two groups, one expert group, which plays in the Basketball Bundesliga, the major German expert association and one junior group, which plays in the Nachwuchs Basketball-Bundesliga. It plays in Ratiopharm Arena, an indoor stadium for over five thousand spectators. The mascot of the group is a rabbit, which looks like Bugs Bunny and is called Spass. The group shades are orange, white, and dark.

4. Löwenfrau


A lion-headed figure Löwenfrau, is an ivory designed statue that is zoomorphic. The figure has additionally been deciphered as human, giving human attributes to a creature, although many people think it is god related. The statue was resolved to be around 40,000 years old. It was cut out of mammoth ivory utilizing a stone blade.

Ulm is city rich in history and fun places to see. Check out all monuments and things listed above.

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