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Must do and see in Troisdorf

Troisdorf is found about 15 miles south of Cologne and 7 miles north east of Bonn. It comprises of 12 areas. Those areas are Spich, Sieglar, Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte, West, Bergheim, Rotter See, Eschmar, Oberlar, Altenrath, Müllekoven and Kriegsdorf. Troisdorf turned into a free city in 1952. In 1969, the urban territory extended with the residents of Sieglar, Altenrath and Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte.

1. The palace Burg Wissem

The palace Burg Wissem

The palace Burg Wissem has been raised 1700. Palace is incompletely encompassed by a canal. The lodge was manufactured around 1840. Two towers were build around it. In 1939 it got to be property of the City of Troisdorf. Since 1982, Burg Wissem is the home of the picture book museum.

3. Bürgerhaus


Bürgerhaus is a flexible area in Troisdorf. Shows, theaters and displays make this place an incredible hit among all the tourists. The venue is full of joyfull stuff. If you want to investigate culture life of Troisdorf, Bürgerhaus is a decent place to start.

5. Kölner Dom

Kölner  Dom

Walk around the streets of Troisdorf to the downtown area, take a seat in one of the numerous road bistros and visit the world celebrated Unesco social legacy site - Kölner Dom. While you are here, don't miss the Kölner Karneval, one of the world's greatest festival. This is nice place for whole family.

2. The Remise house

The Remise house

In the new region, you can see very well known Remise house. It is rectangular building with two stores. On the front of the building you can see the trace of life of Kaspar von Zweifel and his wife Elisabeth von Lützerode. Initially the villa, it turned into the mentor house. In 1992, Remise has been restored as display hall for social occasions. Lodge and mentor house are joined by a duplicate of the "Lenin stage.

4. The Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express is a hotel close to the metro station. Guests can enjoy here in incredible service, with huge rooms and perfect surroundings. It is close to train station, and other principle attractions of Troisdorf. Autobahn is close to all urban areas without losing so much time reaching it. But, is is far enough away for crowds and noise. While you sleep, your car is safe on the free parking area. This is a perfect base for all the tourists.

Troisdorf is home to nice and friendly people. The two most various nations are Turks and Greeks. In 1972, Troisdorf established the first bulletin committee for all the nations in Germany. In the years after the Peaceful Revolution, numerous transients from Russia and other East European nations settled here.

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