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Things to do and see in Traralgon

Welcome to a land of indigenous Gunai people. Things to do in Traralgon are interesting and funny to see, so here are top three attractions by editor's choice.

1. St Michael's Church

St Michael's Church

This church was made in 1883 and prior to that, masses were conducted in the building of Court House. Original church was made of bricks and it was demolished in 1935. Todays church has stone structure. It is Catholic church and you can discover its architectural beauty or attend holly masses every day in the morning or in the evening. People here are very friendly and the encourage new members to come, especially those with small kids.

3. SEAL Diving Services

SEAL Diving Services

You've always wondered how it would be to dive? Traralgon is the right place to learn this fun and attractive activity! This is training facility that runs regular dive trips in the local area, especially wonderful dive locations nearby the town itself. Dive courses are highly professional and a great fun.

2. The Traralgon Railway Reservoir

The Traralgon Railway Reservoir

This is the hidden treasure of Traralgon. It is only 1,5 km far from the town centre and it offers many walking tracks around the lake and also picnic facilities and areas. This reserve has existed for more than hundred years from the time when was created the reservoir to supply water for the locomotives. Part of the pipeline that was used for transporting water to the railway for steam locomotive can be seen today, too. Important part of the vegetation survived and many visitors that come here today can enjoy in its beauty. There is also a canyon that is fun to explore. Of course, all is free. This is a true oasis and a perfect place for picnic. Also, you can bird watching here.

The area of the Traralgon town is rich with natural resources and there are many wild, natural spots you can discover. Things to do in Traralgon are connected to nature and local people who are warm and simple. What else do we need?

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