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Whats to do in Townsville

Townsville is the Australian city with the great population of Aboriginal people. So, things to do in Townsville are mostly connected to nature and interesting Aboriginal culture.

1. Reef HQ Aquarium

Reef HQ Aquarium

This is one of the largest coral reef aquariums in Australia. Here you can see many animals and other species that inhabit Great Barrier Reef. Many people say this is fascinating place. Opening time is from 9,30 am until 5 pm every day 365 days a year. It takes 2 to 2,5 hours to experience its wonders and beauty. Ticket cost for adults is 26,50 dollars, it is free for kids under 5 years and under 16 pay 12,80 dollars.

3. The Strand

The Strand

This place is great for families, groups or solo people. It offers some great views to the whole Townsville and also great restaurants and cafes for all budgets. Great place for relaxing after the busy day or on the weekends. It also includes recreational park and pools and is great for people of all ages!

5. Castle Hill

Castle Hill

It rises up to 286 meters above the sea level and dominates the skyline of Townsville. From the top you can see the whole town and the surrounding area as well as Magnetic Island. Local people use is for regular exercise and there are several different routes to the top, even the so called goat track.

2. Paluma and Crystal Creek Rainforest

Paluma and Crystal Creek Rainforest

This is national park and was first settled by tin miners 130 years ago. It is settled about 60 km north of Townsville. Mounting road is not recommended by caravans. Here you can also enjoy the stone bridge that was built in 1932. You can use many walking tracks as well as BBQ, picnic and toilet facilities. Paluma is the village in the national park where you can camp or get some other type of accommodation. Here you can enjoy in eucalyptus and rainforest and also The Lake Paluma. So many things to see, perfect for nature lovers!

4. Riverway


This is one of the most exciting attractions in Townsville. It offers very dynamic combination of sports, cultural, leisure and commercial activities. Especially excited are The Riverway Lagoons, which are the size of 3 Olympic pools and picturesque Ross River provides very peaceful backdrop. The depth is up to 2 m but the lower lagoon is more suitable for kids. Opening times are connected to nature, so it is from dusk to down from Monday to Thursday, and from Friday to Sunday from dusk to 8 pm.

Things to do in Townsville are interesting for people of all ages. Kids and adults can enjoy many different activities and have a time of their lives.

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