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Things to do in Toronto

Welcome to the largest city in Canada. It is settled on the Lake Ontario. Things to do in Toronto are long list and here are top five attractions of the city you simply must see.

1. Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

This is the leading cultural institution of Canada, founded in 1922. More than 50,000 students and 225,000 patrons visit it every year plus about five million Canadians who listen concerts broad casting on CBC Radio. Besides Canada, this Orchestra performs in USA, too and it also attracts different guest artists to Roy Thomson Hall. Check the timetable and enjoy any of the concerts there.

3. Princes of Wales Theater

Princes of Wales Theater

Welcome to the first privately owned theatre in Canada and the first in North America in last 30 years. It offers 2,000 seats and is very large, the deepest and the widest in North America. This is very flexible building and suits the most spectacular theatrical productions.

5. Distillery Historic District

Distillery Historic District

In this area you can spend 2 to 3 hours visit. This is actually a village with brick lined streets and restored Victorian buildings. This is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the whole Ontario. There are plenty of galleries, live theaters, unique cafes and restaurants. The traffic ic completely closed in the area. This is very vivid place where you can worth spend couple of hours.

2. Island Park

Island Park

It is located close to city centre and it is made of an a chain of small islands in Lake Ontario. There are many recreational activities and it is very, very popular recreational area. The entrance is free and it also offers Centreville Amusement Park that has more that 30 rides, attractions and games, two restaurants and 14 food outlets. You have to pay ride tickets and the price depends on the particular ride. It is interesting you must take a ferry to get to Centre Island and enjoy the amusement park, the ticket for adults is 6,50 dollars and for kids 3 dollars.

4. Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame

It is largely known that Canadians are crazy about the hockey so no wonder they have this hall of fame. This is fun for everyone and here you can enjoy life size statues, interactive exhibits, theaters, gift shop, a replica of a dressing room and so on. Entrance rate for adult is 17,50 dollars and youth from 4 to 13 years old have to pay 11 dollars.

Toronto is the alpha world city. Things to do in Toronto are numerous, and many of them are free, so all you need is a free time and lots of energy

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