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Things to do in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is cathedral and university city and its nickname is 'The Garden City'. Things to do in Toowoomba are interesting and very often connected to flowers and plants in general.

1. Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Tourists that come here usually describe it as 'Stunning', 'Beautiful' and 'Wow'. You could probably spend the whole day here in this Japanese garden. It is Australia's largest Japanese Garden and it is also settled at University campus. It offers 3 km of paths, about 230 species of Australian and Japanese native plants and trees, it has central lake, waterfall, mountain stream, Dry Garden and many other interesting things. This garden is very popular for weddings and it's also common to see artists painting and kids feeding birds and fish in the lake.

3. Cobb & Co Museum

Cobb & Co Museum

This museum is a home to more than 50 horse drawn vehicles and also tells the story of European settlement of Australia. Special pride of this collection are the original Cobb and Co coaches. Here are also temporary exhibitions and one or two days workshops of glass art, felting, calligraphy and so on. Opening hours are daily from 10 am to 4 pm and a ticket for adults is 12,50 dollars, for kids under 14 years 6,50 dollars.

5. Salt Caves

Salt Caves

Relaxing music, sound of water, rainbow lights in the roof - these are just a few things that will attract you to Salt Caves. You can sit and enjoy it for about 45 minutes. It's blissful and relaxing. Adults will pay 50 dollars and all under 18 and pensioners have a discount.

2. Laurel Bank Park

Laurel Bank Park

Welcome to another green spot of Toowoomba! This park occupies about 4,5 hectares of land and offers spectacular sorts of plants and trees, like gingkoes, Spanish and English oaks, Japanese maples. There is also garden in the garden, so called 'Scented Garden' where you can feel fragrant blooms and enjoy the atmosphere. There is also playing ground and gazebo that will charm you and make enjoy it even more.

4. Empire Theater

Empire Theater

This is the best art deco theater in Australia. Besides interesting plays, it is worth of visiting just for architecture. The theater features many projects, one of the most important is Empire Youth Arts, youth related arts programs, like holiday workshops, term classes and other special programs.

The Garden City offers so many things to see. Things to do in Toowoomba will certainly impress you and make you want to come again in this fairy city.

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