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Things to do in Southampton

Southampton is the largest city in the south coast of UK. It is settled way back in stone age. In the period of Roman Empire, it was a centre of trade and defence system. Southampton is located in the south of England, on the English Channel. It is located on the ria, deep bay resulting submerging former river mouth of the river that has dried up or changed pan, called Southampton Water. It is close to french port Le Havre. Things to do in Southampton follows:

1. Tudor House

Tudor House

Tudor House gives a special knowledge about the lives and times of both its occupants as the years progressed, and of Southampton itself. It engages guests of all ages and hobbies, who uncover the family-cordial exercises, intelligent engineering and interesting shows a winning combo.

3. The Common

The Common

The Common is a land equal to 4840 square yards totally open green space in the heart of Southampton. It is designated as a place of Special Scientific Interest and a top notch venue for picnicking, strolling and viewing untamed life.

5. The Old Cemetery

The Old Cemetery

The Old Cemetery is found in Cemetery Road, off Northlands Road. Stopping is accessible in Cemetery Road or in Hill Path. There are no open toilets and parts of the cemetery are congested. Old Cemetery is a voluntary assembly of protectionists who research the history and aid guests to find family graves. It helps a lot of people who want to seek and find their relatives and long lost cousins.

2. Solent Sky Museum

Solent Sky Museum

Solent Sky Museum showcases the history of flight in Southampton and Solent territory. Topographically this range was the most critical region in the nation, if not the planet, for airplane test and advancement work between 1908 and the late 1960s. It has 18 airplane of different sorts. On the other hand you can envision that you are flying the Swift or Harrier Jump Jet while sitting in their cockpits.

4. Shieldhall


Shieldhall is a steam boat and a lead of the National Noteworthy Fleet. Recognised to be the biggest working steamship in Britain and presumably Europe, she serves as a tribute to Britain's sea legacy and a living indication of the resplendent time of steam. Shieldhall is authorized to convey large number of passengers, with amazing kitchen serving hot and cool sustenance.

Southampton is a place with excellent general and social history. You will experience some qualities of natural life, including military, cultural and entertaining lifestyle in the UK.

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