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What to see in Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne is a town east of Gillingham in England. The town is becoming quickly because of various extensive private financial aspects. It has connections to London Victoria.

1. A Copper Age

A Copper Age

A Copper Age grave gathering including a stone wristguard, copper knife and bone is found at Sittingbourne. It is unique part of copper era and this is a chance to see it.

3. Watling Street

Watling Street

Watling Street is the name of and old track that dates from Roman times. The name gets from the Old English Wacelinga Strat.

5. The Sittingbourne Community College

The Sittingbourne Community College

The Sittingbourne Community College is a school and sixth structure with institute status found in Sittingbourne. The head of school is Neil Golding. This school represents part of Swale Academies Trust.

2. Sittingbourne F.c.

Sittingbourne F.c.

Sittingbourne F.c. are a football club situated in Sittingbourne. They were formed one hundred and fifty years ago in Kent League. They have arrived at the second round of the FA Cup twice. The club moved to a field behind the Bull pub. Senior status was gained at the end of nineteenth century.

4. Kemsley


Kemsley is a suburb of Sittingbourne in Kent. Here lied a fortification at a spot called Kemsley area. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the site on which the town site was basically a column of bungalows. It is near Kemsley Light Railway, a vacation spot.

Sittingbourne owes its name to a modernized form of English term for building by the little stream. It is great town to visit.

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