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Things to see in Shaunavon

The Canadian town of Shaunavon is located in southwest Saskatchewan. It is located 163 kilometers from the Alberta border and 74 kilometers from the Montana border. Shaunavon was established at the beginning of the twentieth century along the Canadian Pacific Railway line.

1. The Grand Coteau Museum

The Grand Coteau Museum

The Grand Coteau Museum, was established in 1931 by members of the Canadian Club. At that time, a willing group of individuals met to establish the museum in order to preserve a part of history before it disappeared. They collected an extensive natural history and historic collection housed in a former two room school house. The building is located on the north side of the Shaunavon Public School grounds. Visitors will enjoy in departments with birds, insects, and animal life, geology, paleontology, natural resources, botanic, pioneer life. Today, the Grand Coteau Heritage & Cultural Centre includes the Shaunavon Branch of the Chinook Regional Library, an art gallery and a natural history and heritage rooms. This is also a community meeting space.

3. All Saints Anglican Church of Canada

All Saints Anglican Church of Canada

The church was completed on December 22, 1915. A parish hall was erected in 1924 on the east side of the church. It was moved and attached to the north side of the church with the addition of an office and vestibule. A copper bell was installed in the belfry in 1955. During its history, furnishings, stained glass overlay windows and wheelchair accesses have been added. This church is an excellent example of a Railway Mission church.

5. Wetterstrand Rooming House

Wetterstrand Rooming House

This building was constructed by Ole W. Wetterstrand at the beginning of the twentieth century as a twenty four room facility. The new owner, changed the hotel's name to the King's Hotel.

2. Shaunavon Masonic Temple

Shaunavon Masonic Temple

Shaunavon Masonic Temple Company was built in 1921 by the Royal Arch Masons. It was a two storey brick-veneer building, with a full concrete basement. The main floor had a large room with maple hardwood flooring and side windows. The lodge rooms in the building were used by Masons organizations. The main level had a variety of uses throughout the years such as a liquor store, square dancing hall, day care, play school and a meeting room. Today, Darkhorse Theatre is settled in this sturdy building.

4. Avon Building

Avon Building

The Avon building was constructed at the end of 1926 with steel and brick construction. The basement and ground floor were used by businesses. The second level had fourteen double suites and two single rooms. A public rest room with two sanitary water fountains could also be found in this building. In 1996, the Avon Building received a Heritage Building Award by the Saskatchewan Architectural Heritage Society.

The town is also known as Oasis of the Prairies. That name is derived from the park located in the centre of town.

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