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Things to do and see in Seevetal

Seevetal is a municipality in the German state of Lower Saxony. It is one of forty two municipal center in the district of Harburg. Four years ago, the municipality had a population of over 40,000 inhabitants.

1. A watermill

A watermill

A watermill is a mostly historical technical plant, which is driven by a hydraulic machine by hydropower. Watermill is Seevetal is a unique place that should not be missed. For the implementation of the water energy, water turbines can do the job. The water is usually taken from a river.

3. A sculpture garden

A sculpture garden

A sculpture garden is unique piece of landscape of architecture, a park, nestled in a garden area in Seevetal. It has art installations and you must pay entrance fee to enter. The sculpture park is something every tourist should visit. It offers amazing area with nice greenary and surroundings.

2. Ramelsloh


Ramelsloh is suburb of of Seevetal approximately twenty miles south of Hamburg. It is one of the oldest parts of Seevetal. It has long history and it has church which da dates from the 19th century. In Ramelsloh there is a commercial area and a small shopping center.

4. The local library

The local library

The local library is an institution of the municipality Seevetal. It is very attractive and modern public library. It also has children's library in elementary school. For customers, a current and diversity of media is available, with CDs, DVDs and digital media. It has something for everyone. The Community Library reaches many people of all ages.

The position of the municipality is in the district of Harburg. Seevetal is located in the federal state of Lower Saxony. The municipality is over one hundred square kilometers wide.

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