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What to see in Schwabach

Schwabach is the smallest county-level city in Bavaria. It is located in the administrative region of Middle Franconia in the cities axis Nuremberg of Fürth and Erlangen and belongs to the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. Things to see here are:

1. City Museum

Housed in the former Barracks Museum, it has a collection over the local crafts and trade, as well as the local guilds. A separate section is dedicated to Carl Wenglein, the founder of the World Federation for bird protection, gathered eggs Museum . A special collection includes ethnographic antiques from the former German colony of East Africa. Since 2005, the City Museum presents the world's largest special collection of toys Fleischmann.

3. St. James Castle

The castle was built by Johann Matthias Händel from Gobelsburg and completed in 1655. In 1695 it was bought by a native of the Austrian family of Johann Adam Permayr. In 1712, it acquired the Margrave Wilhelm Friedrich for the price of 5,000 dollar. He had it rebuilt into a hunting seat. Later it was occupied by his son, Carl Wilhelm Friedrich. It served him until 1749 as a hunting lodge. The Schwabacher fountain on the market square still has portraits of the Margrave's family.

5. Font Schneider

Font Schneider is an old, now virtually disappeared craft. The font Schneider. The temples were made of steel, with which the matrices were prepared for the molds for letterpress printing. The term is found today in the word term as the name of a font.

2. Unterreichenbach

Unterreichenbach is a district of the independent city of Schwabach in Bavaria Central Franconia. Area is located about two kilometers west of Schwabach and it is structurally connected with it. The Schwabach flows north past it. Unterreichenbach is believed to have originated as a small area at a mill on the lower reaches of the Reichenbach in the 9th century.

4. Penzendorf

Penzendorf is a district in Schawabach. It is located on the middle area in the east of the urban area Schwabacher. This part has about two thousand inhabitants and it is connected via the Federal Highway and State Road. Penzendorf was first mentioned in 1253, when Friedrich de Bencendorf wrote about it. The village had probably been previously used as a defense of Rednitzübergangs and developed slowly in valley. Penzendorf was seat of government refugee camp.

6. International Puppet Theatre Festival

The International Puppet Theatre Festival is founded in 1979. This festival is held in Schwabach, Fürth and Erlangen. It is dedicated to puppets, picture and object theaters in German speaking area and as a central theater festival in Germany. There are over 100 performances for ten days, as well as workshops, public lectures, workshops and more.

Schawabach is an important part of German folklore and it is great place to visit.

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