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5 things to see in San Antonio, Texas

As all the Texans know, there are plenty of things to do in San Antonio, Texas. We will kick our choice off with good food, of course.

1. Pat O'Brien's

Pat O'Brien's

If you are looking for a place to have a great meal in San Antonio, Pat O'Brien's is the place! This piano bar will attend to all your needs. You will listen to great live music by awesome piano players, you will be served delicious food and you will get great cocktails or other beverages. Pat O'Brien's is ideal for a night out with your friends.

3. Cathedral of San Fernando De Bexar

Cathedral of San Fernando De Bexar

This delightful church hides the remains of some of the heroes of Alamo. When you step into this cathedral you will get the feeling that the time has stopped. All of you who like historic buildings should see San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral

5. San Antonio ZOO

San Antonio ZOO

If you are an animal lover, you have to visit this ZOO! For the price of only 12$, you will be able to see some of the rare wild animals. There are over 8000 animals in the ZOO and the great thing is that some of them are really friendly, hippos for example.

2. San Antonio River

San Antonio River

As you might guess, San Antonio is just as hot as the other cities in Texas. What better way to trick the heat than to go for a walk along the banks of this beautiful river? You will come across some charming bridges on your way. There are a lot of trees and other plants that will make your walk even more enjoyable.

4. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

The great advantage of this location is that it is very close to downtown San Antonio. Take a stroll through the acres of beautiful park area till you finally reach their gems - the beautiful picturesque churches which you will love.

Things to do in San Antonio are countless. Don't let the heat of San Antonio streets discourage you, you will have a great vacation. Pick some of them and start exploring this Texas city!

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