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Rolleston, 5 things to do

Rolleston is a town in New Zealand located next to State Highway. This town got its name by a William Rolleston, Canterbury statemen who was Superintendent and a member of Parliament. Rolleston has great historic value – from a very small population and only few streets available, it grew up into most populated region in New Zealand. There are many interesting places you can visit in Rolleston. We provide you five of them.

1. Riccarton Florist, Rolleston

Riccarton Florist, Rolleston

In the last few years, New Zealand is known for great place for your dream wedding. If you want to have wedding of a century, Riccarton Florist will provide you the most colorful collage of various flowers, bouquets and wedding arrangements. You can choose from so many different types and colors. You will have a wedding from your dreams if you visit Riccarton Florist and ask for help.

3. Rolleston Square, Rolleston

Rolleston Square, Rolleston

Rolleston is a great place for visit, but not only that – it has diverse shopping malls where you can buy most original and unique souvenirs. This souvenirs will provide you true Rolleston spirit and atmosphere you will never forget. Rolleston Square is not just a regular shopping mall. It provides not only merchandise, but also many car parks, destination shopping and great enviromental standard. It has many additional features, such as Izone Park, Military Camp and many recreation facilities.

5. Army Medical Corps Museum, Rolleston

Army Medical Corps Museum, Rolleston

Army Medical Corps Museum is a place with great historical value. It was established in 1966. In this museum, you can see many exhibitions and repositories from Anglo-African War and Land Wars.

2. Paradise Estate, Rolleston

Paradise Estate, Rolleston

Paradise Estate is a restaurant where you can try many dishes and food from New Zealand cuisine. It has various selection of fine dining, delicious desserts and coffees. With excellent service and modern environment, you will be very pleased and satisfied.

4. Cedar Park, Rolleston

Cedar Park, Rolleston

Rolleston is a place that offers most beautiful selection of various gardens. List of gardens consists of many native, formal and botanical gardens. Cedar Park is a garden where you can find true peace and ease of a mind. It provides relaxing environment, beatuful aparments and exquisite service.

Rolleston is a stunning town with peaceful environment and relaxing places to visit. You can enjoy in beautiful sightings, shop and dine in numerous restaurants and shopping malls. Visiting Rolleston can be one of the greatest choices of your lifetime. You will remember it forever.

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