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Things to do in Remedios de Escalada

Remedios de Escalada is a town in the province of Buenos Aires, in the Party of Lanús. It is 9.95 square kilometers and it is named in honor of Maria de los Remedios de Escalada, former wife of General San Martin.

1. Railway station

Railway station

Before installation of the railway, a few hundred inhabitants were the stable population of these lands. In 1890, the Southern Railway decided to move their shops to Single Station of the main road, in a place known as Villa Galindez. It was bought by Eliseo Ramirez and Bernardino to build new workshops in an area shared by the parties to the South Barracks and Lomas de Zamora.

3. The Argentine Soccer Association

The Argentine Soccer Association

The Argentine Soccer Association is responsible for organizing and regulating the national championships in Argentina institution. It also organizes the UEFA Futsal AFA and beach soccer tournaments in the country. It was founded by Alexander Watson Hutton in Buenos Aires with the name of Argentine Association Football League, being the oldest on the continent, after the Argentine Association Football League extinct in 1891. It is affiliated to FIFA since 1912 and CONMEBOL, of which he is a founding member, since 1916 he is also responsible for the various national teams.

5. Villa Workshops

Villa Workshops

Villa Workshops, also known as "Villa Rosales", what is called in the beginning, is area near Stadium Workshops, and the whole series of building which can be seen in Remedios de Escalada.

2. The Club Atlético Talleres

The Club Atlético Talleres

The Club Atlético Talleres is an Argentine soccer club, founded in 1906. It is headquartered in the town of Remedios de Escalada and it is one of the oldest clubs in Argentina and is a founding member of professional soccer. Currently participates in the Primera C, fourth division. Their stadium is named Talleres de Remedios de Escalada and has a capacity of around 15,000 people.

4. The Club Atlético Lanús

The Club Atlético Lanús

The Club Atlético Lanús is a club founded in the city of Lanús, Buenos Aires, on January 3, 1915. The institution has a wide variety of sports, participating Championship Argentina Primera Division, and basketball, which plays in the National League, the top flight of the sport in Argentina. In soccer, the main activity, it has earned a national championship, the Apertura 2007 tournament, and two official international titles.

Remedios de Escalada is beautiful small town with huge list of diverse things you can explore and do.

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