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Things to see and do in Regensburg

Regensburg is a city in the German state of Bavaria. The old town is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city has experienced political and economic peak at the turn of the 12th to the 13th century, when it was located at the crossroads of major trade routes.

1. Roman tower

Roman tower

The remains of the Roman tower can be seen here. In year 179, on the Celtic area near Danube, where it flows into the river Regen, Romans established a military camp Castra Regina. In the Merovingian period the Frankish state, Regensburg was the capital of the tribes of Bavaria. The oldest building is the church of the Benedictine monastery from the 8th to the 10th century.

3. The Scots Monastery

The Scots Monastery

The Scots Monastery is the previous Benedictine Abbey of St James. It was established in the eleventh century by Hiberno-Scottish ministers and for the majority of its history was in the hands of first Irish, then Scottish friars. The full official name of the real church is Die irische Benediktinerklosterkirche St. Jakob und St. Gertrud.

5. The Regensburger Domspatzen

The Regensburger Domspatzen

The Regensburger Domspatzen is choir for the formal music at St Peter's Cathedral. The choir comprises of young men and boys. The Domspatzen follow their roots back to the year 975 when religious administrator Wolfgang of Regensburg established a house of God school which taught young men to sing. The choir has seen different good and bad times during its history.

2. The Regensburg Cathedral

The Regensburg Cathedral

The Regensburg Cathedral is committed to St Peter, and it is the most famous church and historic point of the city of Regensburg. It is the seat of the Catholic bishop of Regensburg. The congregation is the prime sample of Gothic structural engineering in Bavaria. A first congregation was constructed around 700, at the site of the present-day church Niedermünster. St. Boniface picked the territory of the Porta Praetoria for the minister's seat, and the site of the church has stayed there since. The Cathedral was remade in Carolingian times.

4. The Obermünster

The Obermünster

The Obermünster was an university place of canonesses, near Niedermünster. The Obermünster is committed to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and it was established in the early ninth century by the Carolingians. King Louis the German recouped it by trading Mondsee Abbey for it. In the early tenth century it was a private religious community of the group of the Dukes of Bavaria.

Regensburg is small religious town where you can see many buildings and churches from ancient times. We think you will love it.

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