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Things to see in Ratingen

The town of Ratingen is found in area of North Rhine-Westphalia and it is an incredibletown of the region of Mettmann in the area of Dusseldorf. Ratingen was settled before 850. Since the Middle Ages, the Ratingen had a high number of dukes of Berg. In 1276, town got city rights. Ratingen was one of the four spots of Berg which accomplished a financial blast toward the end of the Middle Ages. Things to see in Ratingen are:

1. Stadtmauer


The city divider was seven feet high and two feet thick. There was an external city divider and a ring of dividers which were incompletely strengthened. Wall was an eight meter wide and five meters profound canal which could be crossed over on bridge. Three remaining city fortress towers are still intact.

3. Der Marktplatz

Der Marktplatz

The core of Ratingen is the commercial center accessible each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. These days are one of the busiest and most days of the week. The commercial center is visited by many tourists. Der Marktplatz is perfect for all those tourists who wants to do some shopping.

5. St. Peter and Paul church

St. Peter and Paul church

St. Peter and Paul is a Roman Catholic church in Ratingen. After World War II, the congregation was restored and redesigned. Surrounding area of church is amazing, and it is known for perfect architectural style and design. You can feel true german spirit around it and it is well known for unusual mixture of colors.

2. Linnep palace (Schloss Linnep)

Linnep palace (Schloss Linnep)

Linnep palace is a mansion is south-southeast of the town of Ratingen part called Breitscheidstra├če. It is located in the North Rhine-Westphalian area of Mettmann. Palace has heights of thirty meters. At the end of seventeenth century, the region around palace is reconstructed. Linnep is an extension of the registry office in Ratingen.

4. Das Museum Ratingen

Das Museum Ratingen

The exhibition hall in Ratingen is urban building with numerous displays of Ratingen's history. The museum is placed in area near city dividers and towers. The exhibition hall was established in 1926. In 1977, the exhibition hall moved into its available area, at Lintorfer Street.

The present city of Ratingen comprises of both the old city of Ratingen and from the earlier area of Breitscheidstra├če, Eggerscheidt, Hoesel, Homberg and Lintorf. City has become important part of Germany with development of the new Ratingen-West region. You can visit it in any time of year.

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