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Things to see and do in Pirmasens

Pirmasens is a city in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The city is situated at an altitude of almost four hundred meters. The municipality has area of sixty square kilometers. It has a population of over forty thousand citizens.

1. The Siegfried Line Museum

The Siegfried Line Museum

The Siegfried Line Museum is a historical center that is housed in a previous underground castle near Niedersimten in south west area. It is commemoration to peace and war. It was established by the Gerstfeldhöhe Society.

3. The Dynamikum

The Dynamikum

The Dynamikum is an art museum that was opened on the site of the former shoe factory. It was open in 2008. You can get nature and technology experience of a lifetime! You can also learn some interesting things and facts. It has an area of 4,000 square meters of exhibition space. It has over one hundred and fifty interactive displays.

5. The St. John's Church

The St. John's Church

The St. John's Church is a Protestant church from the 18th century build by John Calvin. Reformed Christians from France and Switzerland lived here in the seventeen century. Colonel Johann Wilhelm laid the foundation stone but church was not completed until 1758.

2. FK Pirmasens

FK Pirmasens

FK Pirmasens is a German soccerr club in the city with same name. The stadium is located in area with place for aerobic and game activities. German Klub in their name instead of the usually influenced English-style term Club. The club formed into a solid team in southwestern Germany. It played in Kreisliga Saar after Second world war. It has good reputation and excellent soccer players.

4. The Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church is a Protestant church in Pirmasens. Ludwig IX build it as a church hall and lived here until his death. The church was called "Lutheran Church" since 1818. After Second World War, it was almost fully destroyed but was restored in 1949. It is a symbol of the city. Lions and swan are symbols of unification.

Pirmasens is a city that will lead to you to some other dimension. You will remember it forever.

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