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Must to see and visit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia was famous long before the aptly named blockbuster starring Tom Hanks. Even the first European inhabitatnts realized that there were lots of things to do in Philadelphia,

1. Smith Kids Play Place

Smith Kids Play Place

If you are like Peter Pan and you still feel like a child, or you are coming to Philly with your family, you have to visit this great place. There are acres of slides, swings, trains and many other things that will be interesting to kids as well as the grown-ups. If you want your children to have fun outdoors take them to this place; it is healthy and fun. The entrance is free; you can leave a donation if you like.

3. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Anyone who has never been to Hard Rock Cafe has missed a lot! Philadelphia's Hard Rock Cafe offers delicious food and beverages and the staff is very pleasant. It seems that they love Maroon 5 here, so if you are their fan, you are guaranteed a great time.

5. Taste of Philadelphia Food Tour

Taste of Philadelphia Food Tour

On this tour you will visit Philadelphia's market with a guide and you will have a chance to try samples of food typical for Philly. You will also learn a lot about cooking and food. This is a very interesting and not too expensive walking tour.

2. Helium Comedy Club

Helium Comedy Club

If you are the type of person who appreciate a good laugh, this club is a must-visit place. The price is only 5 $ and for that you get 2 hours of hilarious comedy. There are even nights when the stage is open to anyone who wants to perform; so if you are a talented comedian and waiting to be discovered, Helium Comedy Club is the place to visit. You will be served drinks at your tables, and the comedians will take care of the rest of fun.

4. Franklin Mill Mall

Franklin Mill Mall

All of you shop lovers and trendsetters will love this place! There is everything, from discounted designer clothes to household items. The prices are really low. If you are thinking of shopping in Philadelphia, this is a place to do it.

As you have seen, there are lots of things to do in Philadelphia; you can laugh, play, eat and shop and you will have a great time doing it!

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