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Things to do in Parque San Martin

Parque San Martin is a city located thirty kilometers west of Buenos Aires in Argentina. It can be found on east bank of the Salt River, in the territory of the village Pampa. Things to do here are:

1. Church of Our Lady of Fatima

In San Martin Park, neighborhood is the commercial center of the city that brings together modern and traditional. You can see Church of Our Lady of Fatima near by. The famous school is located in small French-style palace near this area. The origin of the parish of Our Lady of Fatima dates back to 1949 when the Echeverry family donated the land and mansion to the Archbishop of La Plata. Money for the construction of the church was donated in thanks for a Jewish person who was protected by the sisters in Italy during World War II. Church of Fatima is in charge of the Congregation of San Miguel Arcángel.

3. The Mortgage Bank

The Mortgage Bank is a financial institution founded in 1886, and it was a key part in economic development of Parque San Martin. After two decades of reforms, it was privatized in 1997 and currently operating as a corporation.

2. Architecture of Beaux Arts

The architecture of Beaux arts is classical architectural style and it can be seen in Parque San Martin. It is also widely known as French academicism. The style Beaux Arts is above all the result of a century of instruction under the formal art and design. The style of instruction that produced Beaux-Arts architecture continued without a major renovation until 1968. The style Beaux Arts is style of architecture influenced every country. Many architects used this style across whole Europe.

4. The Argentina Air Force

The Argentina Air Force is the aviation company of the armed forces of Argentina. It has more than twent thousand employees of military and civilian agents. There are over two thousand officers and over six thousand soldiers. Staff is divided into the officer corps, troop volunteer soldiers, administrative staff, production and service. You can see its magnificent building in Parque San Martin.

In the eighteenth century the lands of present Parque San Martín were included on a site that had been granted to the Society of Jesus and bordered to the north by the lands of Francisco de Merlo.

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