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Things to do in Opotiki

If you want to slow down and relax, Opotiki is the place for you. It is rich with forests, beaches and rivers. Area, where Opotiki is, is settled was really important for Maori, so the main street has plenty of master carvers. Because it was one of the first settlements it is centre of Hauhau religion. Here are some of the examples what to do in Opotiki:

1. Hiona, Opotiki

Hiona, Opotiki

Visit the church of Hiona, missionary church built in 1859. There are remains here linked with the missionary period, which is a reminder that Europeans settled down in Opotiki. Beautiful addition in this church is ornaments of the sanctuary and bishop's chair and prayer desk. Prayer desk is famous all over the New Zealand because it's made from 12 pieces of native timber. The history is interesting because of the property from which the wood for the church was obtained in 1860.

3. Pakihi Track, Opotiki

Pakihi Track, Opotiki

Opotiki has national project's world class cycle trails. It is a journey in physical and spiritual sense, which is experienced once in a lifetime and one of the reasons people come to Opotiki. There are a few options depend on the wishes and condition. For skilled peddlers, it can be organized going down to historic Pakihi track, and for those with less experience and condition there is a cycle track through the sand hills and along the beach. There are many breathtaking views of the ocean and beach. And all that isn’t just for tourists.

5. White Island, Opotiki

White Island, Opotiki

New Zealand's only active volcano is placed on the White island and it isn’t so far from Opotiki. It has  huge and impressive gannet colony. Charter flights or boats or even helicopters can be managed to take a tour of the town and give you a chance to walk into the main crater of a volcano. Unforgettable!

2. Hukutaia, Opotiki

Hukutaia, Opotiki

In the Opotiki don’t miss a chance to see Hukutaia. It is place with native bushes, ancient Puriri trees, many types of fungi, mosses and ferns and mighty Tawa. That is the opportunity to see how the Maori culture and Opotiki were before cultivation changed everything. That is a big collection of trees and native plants and animals which represents the New Zealand. In the heart of Hukutaia, you can find burial tree which was used as a place to store the remains of their dead. Maori believed that any interference with this place can be deadly.

4. Macadamia trees, Opotiki

Macadamia trees, Opotiki

Opotiki is great place on the Pacific coast to see plantation of  Macadamia trees in their native warm climate. If you like, you can buy nut products and linger coffee in the orchard shop. Their specialty is hot roasted nuts and honey from delicious macadamia and Manuka.

This is the place where you can find one of the finest collections of native plants. If you visit it in the summer, there will be a lot of holiday makers on the street who enjoy surfing, fishing, etc.

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