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Things to do and see in Oldenburg

Oldenburg is an autonomous city in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany. It was otherwise called Le Vieux-Bourg in French. The city is arranged at the Rivers Hunte and Haaren, in the northwestern district between the urban communities of Bremen in the east and Groningen in the west. It has a populace of 157,000 people. Things to visit in Oldenburg are:

1. Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof

Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof

Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof is the primary station in the city of Oldenburg in the German state of Lower Saxony. It is a station with seven stage tracks. The principal track in the capital of the Grand Dutch of Oldenburg was the line from Oldenburg to Bremen. One hundred and fifty years ago line was opened from Oldenburg to Heppens by the Prussian government. The line was worked by the Oldenburg State Railways.

3. Weser-Ems-Halle


Weser-Ems-Halle is a corridor and stadium with eight lobbies including the Large and Small Arena and Kongresshalle. It is spotted in an area with over five thousands seats for ball matches. The venue have music shows, sports occasions, congresses, and meetings.

5. Oldenburg Castle

Oldenburg Castle

Oldenburg Castle is a building in the German city of Oldenburg with living arrangement of dukes.The oldest building phase of the present castle was used as the residence of Count Anton Günter von Oldenburg. After his death, Danish royal house took over it. In the castle Danish governor lived. By 1894, the castle was the residence of the Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich August and later was converted to National Museum of the Government of the State of Oldenburg.

2. Oldenburg International Film Festival

Oldenburg International Film Festival

Arranged in Northwest Germany, the Oldenburg International Film Festival spreads universal film scenes with astonishing disclosures and unique free creations. Among the visitors of honor were Alex Cox, Tim Hunter, Harry Kümel, Ken Russell and Jerry Schatzberg.

4. The Oldenburgisches Staatstheater

The Oldenburgisches Staatstheater

The Oldenburgisches Staatstheater is a German theater in the city of Oldenburg, and it was initially opened in the times of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. It was a wooden structure fabricated by Herman Wilhelm Muck, who additionally possessed the building. Author was Carl Christian Ludwig Starklof, an attorney and essayist who was a councilor in Oldenburg.

Oldenburg is old town with so many interesting historic backgrounds to see. Visit it and you will remember it forever.

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