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Things to do in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If there is a city in the US where you will feel the influence of the Wild West, it is Oklahoma City. There are many things to do in Oklahoma City; here are few of them.

1. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

If you are into spaghetti westerns and movie stars featured in them, we have found the right place for you. For a moment you will feel as if you had stepped out of present and went back to the times of saloons and famous pistol duels. Adults and kids love this place so it is an ideal destination for the whole family.

3. Michael Murphy's Dueling Pianos

Michael Murphy's Dueling Pianos

There are many dueling pianos bars across the US, but the one in Oklahoma City is one of the best. Musicians are very talented and entertaining. Service is fast and bartender and waiters will do their best to please you. Everyone who has ever visited this bar would like to come back again.

5. Museum of Osteology

Museum of Osteology

If you are a fans of TV show Bones, you will feel at home in this museum. Tour of Osteology Museum in Oklahoma City is very interesting and educational. There is a huge selection of exhibits of bones and skeletons from all over the world. You can even see dinosaurs.

2. Red Earth Festival

Red Earth Festival

Now you have seen the cowboys, it is time for Native Americans. Once a year there is a festival in Oklahoma City where Native Americans showcase their dances and cultural heritage. Thousands of people gather in Oklahoma City for this manifestation every year. Be one of those people and don't miss the Red Earth Festival.

4. Nic's Grill

Nic's Grill

Even if you were not planning on going to Oklahoma City, Nic's Grill is the reason enough to go. Burgers are simply fantastic there; they melt in your mouth. People are very friendly, so even if you are seated with a stranger, you will make acquaintance in no time. Nic is the best ever, so check it out.

There are so many things to do in Oklahoma City. Check the attractions from our list and enjoy your stay in Oklahoma City.

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