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What to do and see in Offenbach

Offenbach am Main is a city in Hesse, Germany, placed on the southside of the waterway Main. In 2014, it had a populace of 126,900. The city belongs to Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan range and Frankfurt urban territory. Things to do and see in Offenbach are:

1. The German Leather Museum

The German Leather Museum

The German Leather Museum is one of the biggest cowhide exhibition halls on the planet. It has a wide mixed bag of cowhide things, including a few older than 3,000 years of age. It was established by Hugo Eberhardt. The historical center has three wings - German Shoe Museum, the Museum for Applied Art and the Ethnology Museum. The exhibition hall has various cowhide things on showcase including shoes, saddles, furniture and more.

3. Capitol


In Offenbach there are several small theaters for cabaret shows which also take place in theatrical performances. Tradition in Offenbach's theater scene has the Theater Club. It is build in neo-classical style as a synagogue one hundred years ago. Previous synagogue had become too small. Architects created seats for almost eight hundred people. In addition to the main room the synagogue had Jewish community center. There were also cultural events, such as concerts and theater performances.

2. The Klingspor-Museum

The Klingspor-Museum

The Klingspor-Museum is a gallery and museum display center of typography and cutting stones. It incorporates an accumulation of artistic work books from Karl Klingspor, one of the managers of Klingspor. The gallery has the work of acclaimed artists like Otto Eckmann, Peter Behrens, Rudolf Koch, Imre Reiner, and many many others.

4. Cinema


The once rich cinematic life ended after 1998. Cinema closed center at the Imperial Road and after the opening of a multiplex cinema at the Berlin street finished 1999 the Gloria Cinema Center. In the summer months, open-air cinema is available for tourists.

Offenbach has many interesting stuff to do and see. It is home of the Deutsches Ledermuseum and this is only tip of an iceberg.

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