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Things to do in Oberhausen

Oberhausen is a city on the stream Emscher in the Ruhr Area, Germany, and it is spotted between Duisburg and Essen. The city has the International Short Film Festival and it located on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The city's Sea Life Center was home to Paul the Octopus.

1. The Gasometer Oberhausen

The Gasometer Oberhausen

The Gasometer Oberhausen is a previous gas station in Oberhausen, Germany, which has been changed over into a presentation space. It has facilitated a few huge scale displays, and it is modern milestone on the European Route of Industrial Heritage and the Industrial Heritage Trail. It was formed before Second World War. Coal and steel industry had influence on development of Gasometer Oberhausen.

3. The Rheinisches Industriemuseum

The Rheinisches Industriemuseum

The Rheinisches Industriemuseum is a decentralized historical center with six areas available. The museum was planned by the Rheinische Conservation Office and the Rhenish museum office thirty four years ago. Twenty four years ago, Rhineland opened a museum with moto "Rhineland Museum for industrial and social history". There are many technical aspects of the working environment of the industrial age are represented. Textile, metal, paper and electricity as show displays are main attraction as typical industries in the Rhenish industrial landscape.

5. The König-Pilsener-Arena

The König-Pilsener-Arena

The König-Pilsener-Arena is a multi-arena spotted in Oberhausen. It was opened in 1996, the stadium is a small part of relaxation area and shopping plaza. The venue was very popular from the nineties until today. It is place for both matures and kids as it has very wide range of activities to offer.

2. Centro


Centro is a business center in Oberhausen. There are many tourist attractions, such as a multi-purpose hall for large events, the König Pilsener Arena, and Centro Park. There is also Sea-Life Aquarium and the marina along with musical theater and Aquapark. Shopping center and promenade of Centro is worth to visit. There is a direct access to highway and free parking spots.

4. Ocean Life Centers

Ocean Life Centers

Ocean Life Centers are a chain of business sealife-themed attractions. There were around fifty areas about sea life. Ocean Life Centers have many natural wonders, from shrimps and starfish to seahorses and sharks. Ocean Life Sanctuaries is recommended for children and young ones. Paul the Octopuss lived here.

Oberhausen was named for its line station which had taken its name from the Castle Oberhausen. There were many nearby coal mines and steel plants here. It got its town rights in 1874, and it joined the towns of Sterkrade and Osterfeld.

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