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Things to do in Oamaru

Oamaru is a lovely harbour town halfway found on the South Island's east drift 3 hours south of Christchurch or 90 minutes north of Dunedin. Guests can investigate exhibition halls, shops and displays inside some of New Zealand's best nineteenth century structural planning. Things to do in Oamaru are:

1. The Opera House

The Opera House

The Opera House is an one of a kind spot for your gathering or wedding. The wonderful Oamaru Opera House remains on Thames Street, a sound, legacy recorded nineteenth century streetscape. The building was formally opened on October 7, 1907 and remains to a great extent in its unique condition, having been restored in 2010, winning a NZIA Heritage recompense.

3. Bushy Beach and Cape Wanbrow

Bushy Beach and Cape Wanbrow

The common beachfront vegetation at Bushy Beach Scenic Reserve is the last staying home of hebe, ngaio, mahoe and broadleaf and different seabirds, and a mixed bag of bugs. The oldest known fossils were found here on this topographically captivating headland.

5. North Otago Museum

North Otago Museum

Arranged in the 1882 notable Athenaeum style, the exhibition hall has broadly critical accumulations - The Willetts Collection of taonga tuku iho o Waitaha and the Temuka Pottery Collection.

2. Totara Estate

Totara Estate

Totara Estate arranged south of Oamaru is a noteworthy ranch that is remarkably critical as the origination of New Zealand's billion dollar solidified meat industry. Totara Estate was built throughout the 1850s and was known for its sheep, cows and grain. It was acquired by the New Zealand and Australian Land Company, a Glasgow-based organization in 1866.

4. Blue Penguin Colony

Blue Penguin Colony

See the planet's smallest penguins, in their nature's turf. The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony is simply past the Victorian Heritage Precinct and you are inside strolling separation of the town center, near shops, restaurants and convenience. Throughout the day penguins are not strolling around ashore, they are either out at ocean angling or concealing endlessly in their settling tunnels.

Oamaru has an exceptionally pleased legacy which is built through the Victorian Precinct and tours at an assortment of areas nearby.

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