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5 things to do and see in Nove Zamky

Nove Zamky is the town in the southwestern Slovakia in the Kosice region. This town is located in the Danube lowland on the river Nitra. It is 100 kilometers distant from Bratislava. The Nove Zamky is a small town with thirty nine and a half thousand inhabitants.

1. Franciscan Monastery

Franciscan Monastery

The Roman Catholic Baroque church from the middle of the seventeenth century and the Franciscan Monastery from 1631 belong to the important religious monument. The church and monastery were renovated in 1885 according to the project of J. Bálint. In the monastery there is a picture of St. Francis of Assisi by F. Volnhofer from the first half of eighteenth century. In the complex of Franciscan Monastery is a small Baroque chapel. The monastery and church are the part of the historical heritage of the Slovak Republic.

3. The statue of St. Trinity

The statue of St. Trinity

The statue of St. Trinity from 1742 was originally situated on the main square and later transferred in front of the monastery. Its condition regarding technical and artistic state was very poor so the most important parts were reconstructed. At the end of the twentieth century the copy of the statue was made and placed on the Main Square but not on its original place. The statue is the expression of gratitude of the Nove Zamky inhabitants for being saved from the plague.

5. Monument of the town´s liberation

Monument of the town´s liberation

The Monument of the town´s liberation from the Turkish rule is in the area of the Hungarian primary school. It was built in 1935 on the occasion of 250th anniversary of this historical event. The monument was built from the original town wall stones.

2. Church of St. Cross

Church of St. Cross

Church of St. Cross is located on the Main square. It is the Roman Catholic Church that was built in neo-classicist style in 1877. The chapels are built in the Baroque style: the St. Trinity chapel from 1722 and the stone cross next to the chapel from 1798, St. Anna chapel from 1754 and Virgin Mary chapel from the middle of eighteenth century.

4. Orthodox synagogue

Orthodox synagogue

The orthodox synagogue on the Czech Bastion is from the second half of nineteenth century. In 1992 after reconstruction it was listed in the cultural monuments of Slovakia. It serves for religious purposes of the Jewish religious community and for the presentation of the Jewish cultural artifacts. On the outer side of the synagogue is a plate that is commemorating the victims of holocaust.

The town was established in sixteenth century. It has many historical buildings and sights.

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