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What to see in North Shore

North Shore City is wonderful place and attractive tourist destination. It boasts 140 kilometre long urban coastline and plenty of attractions for everyone. There are various adventurous attractions, performing arts and culture events, numerous charters, boats and sailing opportunities, visits to spas and health and beauty centres, events shows and festivals, fishing trips, various golf courses, hot pools, museums, scenic flights, surfing and water sports, shopping places, etc.

1. Art Barnz, North Shore

Art Barnz, North Shore

Regarding arts and culture events, we suggest you visit one of many art galleries which hold various exhibitions. You can see the work of many local, national and international artists. The art scene includes music, literature, paintings, sculpture, photography and film. You may find Art Barnz workshops interesting. Their work includes jewellery, bone carving, flax weaving, glass, woodturning, clay, etc.

3. Hibiscus Room, North Shore

Hibiscus Room, North Shore

There are many people who like to pamper themselves with various spa treatments, nail care, facials or massage therapies. North Shore has plenty of beauty salons and day spas offering plethora of treatments and detox services. Hibiscus Room is great place to visit.

5. Flight Hauraki, North Shore

Flight Hauraki, North Shore

Scenic flights are fantastic way to see the surrounding area from different perspective. There is nothing like seeing certain terrain from the air. Contact Flight Hauraki for fantastic scenic flights out of North Shore Airfield or Waiheke Island. You will be taken to see Great Barrier Island, Tauranga, Kerikeri, etc.

2. Canvas, North Shore

Canvas, North Shore

Those who like sea and marine life can charter a boat and enjoy spectacular view of sea and marine life like whales, dolphins, seals, penguins or albatross. You can drive your boat around the coastline or up calm rivers. You can watch whales, go deep sea fishing or swim with the dolphins.

4. Sandspit Fishing Charters, North Shore

Sandspit Fishing Charters, North Shore

Many of us like fishing. North Shore offers great fishing spots for all kinds of anglers. You can choose one of many fishing trips to back country streams, rivers, lakes or sea for saltwater or big game fishing.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. North Shore offers so much more in terms of entertainment, night life, clubs, museums, meditation centers, surfing, watersports, etc.

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