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Things to see in Norderstedt

Norderstedt is spotted in the south of Schleswig-Holstein and it is fifth biggest city in the northern region. The Norderstedt, established in 1970 is the biggest town of the region Segeberg and in 2005 got the status of a town. Things to see in Norderstedt are:

1. Cheerleading school

Cheerleading school

Cheerleading is a game which comprises of components of acrobatic, trapeze artistry, move and cheering. The essential assignment of the dance lead is to cheer their games group at vital occasions and rivalries. Regular games where cheerleading happen are baseball and American football.

3. Fire Museum of Schleswig-Holstein

Fire Museum of Schleswig-Holstein

Fire Museum of Schleswig-Holstein is one of the greatest museums in Germany and right now has a more than 2,200 square meters of presentation space on 2,600 square meters. Museum likewise incorporates exhibition hall and a restaurant, an open fire division's play area. In many occasions and presentations, the Fire Museum presents Schleswig-Holstein music, writing and motion pictures.

5. City Park Norderstedt

City Park Norderstedt

City Park Norderstedt is area for relaxation and picnics on greenery and exercise spots for tourists. Marine Park, Forest Park and Field Park has over seven hundred thousand square meters to investigate and unwind. Various attractions and recreational projects give exceptional experience.

2. Arboretum


An arboretum is an accumulation of different types of woods; this can be a natural enclosure where trees and bushes will be planted. There is a fruticetum, if bushes are planted, or if there is just plants, it is called pinetum. The Norderstedt arboretum tree trail are great not just for grown-up guests. It is good for schools and kindergartens, which can then utilize the tree park for science classes. The kids are amazed with the residential and remote types of trees. You can take a look at blooms, leafs, leafy foods and how they grow in spring, summer and winter.

4. City Museum Norderstedt

City Museum Norderstedt

City Museum in Norderstedt is the principle wellspring and dates from nineteenth century. Wheelbarrows, cutters, spades and numerous different items demonstrate the cutting technology. An alternate segment of the historical center manages the regular work and occupations of housewives. Photographs, maps and pictures clarify use and history development in Norderstedt.

Norderstedt has a ton to offer for families with extensive variety of youngster activities. There are numerous approaches to invest your recreation time in Norderstedt, you just one to check everything.

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