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Must to do and see in Nice

Nice is a city near the border with Italia, with a population of 347,000. It has three community parts - old part, mediaval part and urban part of the city. Things to do and see in Nice are:

1. Old Town

Old Town

Old town is a place where you can take a walk, rest or watch beautiful scenery and many more. This magnificent location looks like a medieval town with pathways bending between old structures with restaurants and open-markets. Old town is full with architechture in tuscan style, with amazin pastries and food to offer in almost every bar. If you visit it through the summer, prepare yourself to be mingled.

3. Musee International d'art Naif Anatole-Jakovsky

Musee International d'art Naif Anatole-Jakovsky

Naive art is a true gem of Nice. Here, you will see a historical moments of the credulous gallery from eighteenth century to these days through Anatole Jakovsky's gift, and State's trust. If you want to get away from the crowd and tourists, come here and get in touch with amazing art exhibit where you can see sculptures, paintings and many more.

5. B Spot

B Spot

B-Spot will give you incredible night out. Come and uncover the mystery of live music and masterful performances. This music club is settled in the heart of Nice and it is designed in a golden red setting. It is one of the most prestigious spots in Nice, and it has 200 seats for any person who wants to discover amazing live shows each evening. With its mixed drink bar and charming food served until 11pm, the B Spot offers good night out until the small hours of the night.

2. Cathedrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas a Nice

Cathedrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas a Nice

Dazzling cathedrale is one of the most famous buildings in Nice. This is Russian church from the early twentieth century build with the appreciation for the child of Aleksandr II tsarevich Nicolai. It was built in medieval style, and you can attend orthodox service in here if you are interested.

4. Castle Hill

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is located on the Mediterranean hinterland, between Nice and Dign-les-Bains. You will be offered to uncover the towns set up high up in the mountains. Delight yourself with the view on staggering canyons, on the route from the palm trees of the French Riviera to the thyme aromas of the mountains.

Nice is main touristic destination of the Coast de Azure. During the summer, long hot days prevail, and winters are mild and not so cold. This is favourite touristic place for many people not only from Europe, but from the rest of the world also.

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