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Must visit in Newcastle

Newcastle is a town in the United Kingdom in England . According to estimates from the 2011, the city had a population of 279.100 inhabitants. Newcastle has a city center called Tyneside which is the sixth most populous in the United Kingdom. Newcastle belong to county of Tyne Ver end in northeastern England. Historically, the town until 1974. belonged to the county Northamberlend . It is located on the north bank of the River Tyne, ten milesfrom the North Sea.

1. Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

At the Tyneside Cinema, you will receive an outing to the pictures the feeling of event it deserves. It shows the best movies in smart and wonderful surroundings, and its shifted programme goes from splendid movies from everywhere throughout the planet to the best Hollywood needs to offer.

3. The Suggestibles

The Suggestibles

Have fun with The Suggestibles! You supply the proposals, and they supply the giggles! The Suggestibles is a well known and gigantically prominent improv drama gather in Newcastle. The amusing cooperative efforts the last Friday of every month at The Cumberland Arms.

5. Belsay Hall and Gardens, Newcastle

Belsay Hall and Gardens, Newcastle

Two notable edifices, a generally protected late-fourteenth century tower house and a neo-established house are connected by an enchanting sunken arrangement spreading over more than 30 sections of land of finished grounds.

2. Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle

Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle

Newcastle's Hidden Heritage is a winner of 2013 Tourism Gold Award as Best Small Visitor Attraction. A completely saved nineteenth century waggonway dug under the city from The Town Moor 2.5 miles to the Tyne. It is fabricated to transport coal from Spital Tongues to the waterway.

4. St. James Park, Newcastle

St. James Park, Newcastle

Go along and see St James' Park, the home of Newcastle United! A tour of St James' Park will assume an astonishing voyage through the history of Newcastle United. Your educated tour aide will demonstrate to you numerous regions you will never have seen previously - and also some exceptionally really popular ones. Tours are presently accessible each day incorporating match days.

Newcastle is located on the site of a Roman settlement Pons Aelius. The current name comes from the trap that was built by Robert II, Duke of Normandy, and the eldest son of William the Conqueror. Today 's Newcastle headquarters of many corporations and institutions of higher education center, digital technology, tourism, trade and culture. You can visit Newcastle only for a weekend, or for a week, and you will feel very rested and relaxed.

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