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What to see in Newburn

Newburn is a rustic town, and previous urban region in western Tyne. It is arranged on the banks of the River Tyne, it is developed at valley from the waterway. It is arranged near Newcastle upon Tyne, Hexham and Morpeth. It has less than 10,000 people in it. Town was bigger than Newcastle upon Tyne and it has Roman remains and Norman church. The town developed with the Industrial Revolution with the revelation of coal.

1. Newburn Library

Newburn Library

Newburn Library was inherent in the sixties. It was renovated and new library is really master piece. Newburn Library is arranged in the north of Newburn. The historical center is housed in structures from 1924. You can read a lot of informations and news about Newburn and its history.

3. Newburn Leisure Center

Newburn Leisure Center

Newburn Leisure Center was based on the site of the club's ground in the eighties. The area was recovered in 1980 as a major aspect of the Tyne Riverside Country Park. The main of the Center's two stages was finished in 1985 with new offices and decorated area and a parking. The second stage was finished in 1989. The Center was formally opened in 1987 by Queen Elizabeth. The Center houses Newburn Judo Club, exercise center and many sport activities.

5. Newburn station

Newburn station

Newburn station was a track station serving the town of Newburn. The station was arranged at the base of Station Road, close Newburn Bridge, and near Newcastle and Carlisle Railway. The station was opened in 1875. The station was shut in 1965 and it was destroyed, yet the tracks were kept in place until the early nineties for coal activity.

2. St Michael and All Angel's congregation

St Michael and All Angel's congregation

St Michael and All Angel's congregation was build on the site of a prior wooden constructed church, which was torched in 1067. The current church was manufactured throughout the span of thirty years. Parts of Hadrian's Wall were utilized as a part of its development. The congregation was harmed in a fire in 2006.

4. Newburn Steelworks

Newburn Steelworks

Newburn Steelworks was steel company on the banks of the River Tyne and it was formed by John Spencer. He opened the factory in Newburn in 1822, on the Dewley Burn. Later, he joined Throckley Coal Company and in spite of the fact that factory was at first used to make springs, Newburn Steelworks rapidly developed to turn into steel factory and ship building. Newburn Hall, initially a fifteenth-century tower, was inserted inside it.

Newburn is a great place which offers many new things you can do and see with your friends or family.

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