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5 things to do and see in Nürtingen

Nürtingen is small town in the area of Esslingen. It is located in Baden-Württemberg in Germany on the Neckar river.

1. Theater


Theater is located in the town hall and hosts theatrical display of regional theaters. Theater in the castle basement has cabaret performances, as well as concerts. Local groups can also be seen here.

3. The Hölderlin house

The Hölderlin house

The Hölderlin house in Nürtingen is the house in which Friedrich Hölderlin spent his childhood and youth. He return again here until 1798. Near this site, agricultural building of the castle of Nürtinger was located. He demolished the building and on the foundations build his house.

5. University of Applied Science

University of Applied Science

The Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Science is well know university formed in 1949. It is public university with over four and a half thousand students. It belongs to higher agriculture school and offers agriculture majors, as well as economics and landscape. Building has amazing structure and if you pass next to it, take a glance at it.

2. The tower block

The tower block

The tower block in Nürtingen was built in fifteen century. It consists of a tower and battlements. The battlements connects the two walls near a tower. The tower wall is amazing monument to see. There is an octagonal floor inside with octagonal tent roof.

4. The villa rustica

The villa rustica

The villa rustica is located in a new residential area of Oberensingen. This is famous district of Nürtingen. Long ago, a Roman estate was here. City of Nürtingen and its volunteers finished the villa. The estate was built around year 100. It was expanded several times. It is one of the largest Roman estates in this district.

This town was first mentioned in 1046 in the Speyer document. Heinrich III gave it as present to the Speyer chapter. Maientag is celebrated here. In seventeen century, half of its citizens died of plague.

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